enlightV is a technology-based company with industrial software and Internet product development as its core, providing core technologies and corresponding solutions for the digital entertainment and events industry.
It owns two internationally well-known software brands, “Hirender Media Server” and “hecoos Media Server”, which have been used for many large-scale events such as the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, and have a wide market share in Asia. Enlightv has also developed the immersive social and conference platform “Qi Jing”, which enables online conferences, performances, exhibitions, and other activities to enhance the immersive experience of business social.
enlightV focuses on stage performances, exhibitions, film and television production, cultural entertainment and art installations and other application scenarios, provides software and hardware research and development, technical support, system design and other services, and combines visual creativity to empower innovation in the digital media industry.



Are you an excellent student? Come here, and many senior industry practitioners to explore and understand more and better technology and art innovation solutions. enlightV intern program is open to all college students. It is a practical opportunity to learn about enlightV and improve their ability. Fresh students with excellent performance during the internship will have the opportunity to obtain exclusive offers.


As a professional with senior professional experience, we hope you can give full play to your communication skills and learn the cutting-edge technology and knowledge of the industry. Tap their own potential, bring us wonderful new thinking, with creative and technical colleagues to open up the road of innovation.